Qatar Airways: Making Family Travel Stress-Free

As a parent, you know travelling with children can be stressful. However, with Qatar Airways, you can make your family trip enjoyable for all. This article guides families flying with young ones, with information on the airline’s special amenities, entertainment options, and services available to ensure your journey is smooth. Learn about the airline’s Sky Nannies programme, specially designed kids’ meals, and other family-friendly offerings. Discover how Qatar Airways aims to accommodate children’s needs, keeping them engaged and comfortable throughout flights. With tips on reserving bassinets and children’s seats, kids’ activity packs, special assistance at airports, and more, this guide outlines how Qatar Airways strives to make family travel easy. You’ll finish reading assured your next trip with children can be relaxing, and not stressful when flying Qatar Airways.

Qatar Airways’ Family-Friendly Amenities

Comfortable Seating

Qatar Airways offers spacious seating ideal for families in their economy and business class cabins. Families with infants can reserve skybeds, bassinets, and baby bouncers to ensure your little one travels comfortably. For older children, families can reserve adjacent seats or even a whole row to themselves for more space.

Dedicated Family Zones

On select aircraft, Qatar Airways offers dedicated family zones and family restrooms located at the rear of the aircraft. These family zones provide extra space for families to relax, play, and dine together in privacy. Complimentary activity packs, colouring books, and board books are also available to keep children entertained.

Special Family Meals

Qatar Airways offers special kid’s meals, baby meals, and puréed meals suitable for infants. Their extensive kids’ menu includes kid favourites like chicken nuggets, fish fingers, and mac and cheese. For babies, Qatar Airways offers nutritious baby meals like sweet potatoes, prunes, and apricots. Families can preorder special meals up to 24 hours before their flight to ensure their children’s favourites are available.

Entertainment Options

Qatar Airways provides a variety of entertainment options for families. Their in-flight entertainment system, Oryx One, offers kid’s movies, TV shows, games, audiobooks, and more. Families can also enjoy their time together with a range of multiplayer games. Qatar Airways aims to keep families happy and occupied during their journey.

With spacious seating, dedicated family zones, special family meals, and entertainment for all ages, Qatar Airways provides an enjoyable flying experience for families. Your family holiday starts the moment you step aboard their aircraft.

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In-Flight Entertainment Options for Kids

Qatar Airways offers an array of entertainment options to keep children occupied during long flights. The Oryx One inflight entertainment system features a dedicated children’s menu with movies, TV shows, games, and more.

Movies and TV Shows

An extensive selection of family movies, cartoons, and children’s television shows are available on demand. Some options include Disney classics like Frozen and Tangled, popular animated movies such as Rio and Madagascar, as well as kid-friendly TV series like Peppa Pig. With many titles available in multiple languages, there are options to suit all ages and interests.

Games and Activities

Children can choose from a variety of games and interactive activities to play on the seatback screens or their own devices. Puzzle and coloring book apps, memory games, and sudoku are some of the options for younger kids. Older children may enjoy the selection of arcade and action games. Physical activity packs with items like coloring books, puzzles, and playing cards are also available on many flights upon request.

Child Meals

Special kid-friendly meals are available for children, including options that meet common dietary requirements. Meals come with a toy or activity pack to help keep children occupied during mealtime. Parents traveling with infants can request items like diapers, baby food, formula, and bottles to be ready on board.

With entertainment and amenities tailored to families, Qatar Airways aims to make travel with children as rewarding as possible. By keeping kids stimulated and occupied during long flights, parents can enjoy a more relaxing journey knowing their little ones are having fun. The extra touches of children’s meals and activity packs show Qatar Airways’ commitment to providing a family-friendly experience from beginning to end.

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Special Assistance Available From Qatar Airways Staff

As a family-friendly airline, Qatar Airways offers helpful amenities and services to make traveling with children more enjoyable. Their staff are specially trained to assist families and provide extra care for little ones.

Seating Accommodations

Qatar Airways aims to seat families together whenever possible. You can request bulkhead seats with extra legroom, or seats near emergency exits for quick access. For infants, bassinets attach to bulkhead walls. Families with young children can ask staff about reserving seats in the front cabin where it may be quieter.

Entertainment Options

Qatar Airways provides entertainment options for all ages. Children will enjoy kid’s meals, activity packs, and a large selection of cartoons, movies, games, and audiobooks. For babies, the airline offers bassinets, baby meals, and items like diapers, wipes, formula, and baby food. Parents can request these extras in advance or ask the cabin crew.

Additional Assistance

From check-in to landing, Qatar Airways staff provide extra help for families. They can assist with luggage, escort you to your gate, and help get settled in your seats. In-flight, cabin crew regularly check on families and are happy to hold, feed or walk babies to provide relief for parents. Staff also distribute children’s amenity kits with essentials like a toothbrush, wipes, and stickers to keep little ones occupied.

With Qatar Airways’ family-friendly services and staff assistance, you can feel confident when booking travel with your children. Their goal is to provide a safe, comfortable journey so you can sit back, relax, and enjoy quality time with your loved ones. Let the airline handle the details while you focus on what matters – your family.

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