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Organizing a Group Trip? Jet2holidays Makes It Easy!

You’ve been tasked with organizing a group trip with your closest friends or coworkers. What an exciting opportunity to bring people together for an unforgettable shared experience! But as the designated planner, you know there are many logistics to coordinate. Don’t stress – Jet2holidays has your group covered! With tailored packages, group discounts, dedicated support, and hassle-free booking, Jet2holidays takes the work out of planning so you can focus on bonding with your crew. Keep reading to discover how Jet2holidays makes organizing group travel seamless, from start to finish. This is your guide to creating picture-perfect group getaways without the headaches. Get ready for smooth sailing as you plan your next group adventure!

Jet2holidays Offers Hassle-Free Group Travel

Amazing Group Rates

When booking for 10 or more people, Jet2holidays offers incredible group discounts that simply can’t be beaten. You’ll save up to £50 per person, allowing you to do more sightseeing, enjoy nicer meals, or simply have extra spending money. With group rates this good, organizing a getaway for your club, sports team, or extended family has never been more affordable or appealing.

Tailored Group Itineraries

Why settle for a standard package when you can have an itinerary tailored to your group’s needs? Jet2holidays will customize your group’s itinerary based on your interests, desired pace, and budget. Want to focus on food and wine? How about culture and history? Or maybe a nice mix of relaxation and adventure? Jet2holidays will craft an itinerary focused on what your group enjoys most.

Dedicated Group Coordinators

The hardest part of organizing group travel is coordinating all the details for many people. That’s why Jet2holidays provides dedicated group coordinators to handle all the logistics for you. Your coordinator will book flights, hotels, and activities for everyone in your group, as well as be available to provide recommendations and assistance during your trip. Let the pros handle the details so you can simply enjoy this fun getaway with friends and loved ones!

With amazing group rates, tailored itineraries, and dedicated coordinators handling the details, Jet2holidays makes organizing seamless group travel experiences an absolute breeze. For your next club outing, family reunion, or getaway with good friends, choose Jet2holidays your one-stop shop for hassle-free group adventures. The memories you’ll make together will last a lifetime!

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Customizing Your Group Itinerary With Jet2holidays

Planning a memorable group getaway should be exciting, not exhausting! With Jet2holidays, customizing your group’s perfect itinerary is a breeze. Their dedicated group travel coordinators will work closely with you to craft an amazing experience from start to finish.

Tailored Group Activities

Want to schedule a private wine-tasting tour in Tuscany or a skip-the-line guided tour of the Colosseum in Rome? Jet2holidays’ group travel experts can arrange customized activities, excursions, and events for groups of all sizes. No more worrying about coordinating details or making multiple bookings – Jet2holidays handles it all!

Group Discounts and Perks

The more the merrier! Jet2holidays offers generous group booking discounts, with savings increasing as group size goes up. Groups also enjoy valuable perks like complimentary room upgrades, welcome drinks, and group meal vouchers for hassle-free dining.

Flights and Transfers

From the moment your group arrives at the airport, Jet2holidays’ VIP service begins. They’ll ensure your group’s flights and airport transfers are perfectly synchronized. And with their budget-friendly group rates, getting more of your friends to join the fun won’t break the bank!

A memorable group getaway is just a few clicks away with Jet2holidays. Their dedicated group travel team is ready to craft an amazing bespoke experience for your whole crew. Escape the ordinary – book your group’s dream holiday today!

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Jet2holidays Group Booking Perks and Discounts

Planning a group getaway but dreading the organizational hassle? Let Jet2holidays handle the details so you can focus on the fun parts of your trip! When booking group travel with Jet2holidays, you’ll enjoy amazing perks like group discounts of up to 15%, dedicated group coordinators, tailored group itineraries, and more.

Save Big With Group Discounts

The larger your group, the more you save! Jet2holidays offers generous group discounts starting at 10 travelers up to 50% off for groups of 30 or more. Discounts apply to hotels, transfers, and activities, so you’ll get the best possible deal on your entire group itinerary. Plus, one free place is offered for every 20 paying passengers. Now that’s a perk your whole group will appreciate!

Stress-Free Planning With a Dedicated Group Coordinator

Once you book your group getaway, a dedicated group coordinator will help organize all the details, allowing for a seamless travel experience. Your coordinator will suggest a tailored group itinerary, reserve group meals, schedule group activities, and assist with any special requests to ensure your group’s needs are met. They will be on hand for you from the moment you book until you return home, providing guidance and support every step of the way.

Convenient Group Add-Ons

To enhance your group travel experience, consider convenient add-ons like group airport lounges, private group transfers, group tours and excursions, welcome drinks, or farewell dinners. Your group coordinator can easily arrange any of these extras to make your trip even more memorable. Why not start your getaway early by booking a group lounge at the airport? Or end on a high note with a special farewell dinner at your resort. The options are endless!

With amazing group perks and discounts, dedicated group coordinators, and tailored itineraries, Jet2holidays takes the hassle out of planning group getaways. Book your next group adventure with confidence knowing Jet2holidays will handle all the details, leaving you free to sit back, relax, and enjoy your holiday with friends and family!


You and your crew have an amazing trip ahead – one where you can make memories to last a lifetime without the stress of planning every detail. Jet2holidays handles it all so you can focus on having fun with your friends, family, organization, or whoever you’re traveling with. All that’s left is to get packing for the ultimate getaway. With Jet2holidays taking care of everything behind the scenes, you’re free to make the most of every moment. Just think of all the selfies, stories, and inside jokes, your group will come home thanks to this seamless travel experience. The countdown is on, so get ready for the personalized trip of a lifetime!

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