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Looking for Pet-Friendly Hotels? Here’s What You Need to Know

When planning a trip with your furry friend, finding the perfect pet-friendly hotel can be impossible. But with some preparation and research, booking accommodations that welcome your four-legged family members is doable. In this article, you’ll get the inside scoop on what to look for when searching for hotels that roll out the red carpet for pets. Get ready to breathe easily on your next vacation, knowing your pet will feel right at home.

Finding Pet-Friendly Hotels for Your Next Trip

Do Your Research

The first step is researching hotels in your destination that allow pets. Many hotel chains like La Quinta, Motel 6, and Red Roof Inn are pet-friendly, but it’s always best to double-check the specific location’s policy. See details on size restrictions, fees, and breed or weight limits. You’ll also want to check what amenities they offer for pets, such as waste bags, food bowls, treats or walking areas.

Call Ahead

Once you’ve found some promising options, call the hotels directly to confirm their pet policy and availability for your travel dates. Let them know you’ll be bringing your furry friend and ask any questions you have about their rules or pet amenities. Calling also lets you get a feel for how genuinely pet-friendly the staff seems. If they sound less than enthusiastic, keep looking.

Think Location

Choose a hotel near plenty of outdoor spaces like parks, trails or dog parks so your pal will have opportunities for exercise and potty breaks. Some hotels provide walking areas or relief areas on-site. Either way, you’ll want to map out pet-friendly destinations within walking distance of your hotel before you arrive.

Be a Responsible Pet Owner

When staying at a pet-friendly hotel, maintain courtesy by leashing your dog, cleaning up waste, minimizing noise, and preventing damage. Treat the space respectfully, ensuring future stays for you and your furry friend.

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Amenities to Look for in Pet-Friendly Hotels

When travelling with your furry friend, look for hotels offering amenities specifically for pets and pet owners.

  • Pet relief areas are a must – you’ll want easy access to places for your dog to do their business, whether it’s a grassy area, mulch beds, or designated dog runs. Some hotels even have relief areas on every floor.
  • Pet beds, bowls, and toys are always a nice touch. Rather than packing all your pet’s gear, many hotels provide amenities like dog beds, food and water bowls, waste bags, treats, and toys to make your pet feel right at home.
  • Grooming areas allow you to bathe and brush your pet during your stay. Look for hotels with self-service grooming stations equipped with tubs, hoses, shampoo, towels, and brushes. Some may offer full-service grooming right on-site.
  • Room service menus for pets mean your furry friend can enjoy special meals, snacks, and treats delivered right to your room. Room service and concierge staff are also usually very knowledgeable about nearby pet stores, vets, and walking trails.
  • Pet-sitting and walking services provide extra care for your pet when you want to head out without them. The hotel may offer walks, playtime, grooming, and feeding services for an additional fee.

With many pet-friendly hotels going above and beyond, you and your faithful companion can enjoy a comfortable getaway together. By looking for hotels with amenities specifically for pets and their owners, you’ll find everything you need for an enjoyable, hassle-free trip with your pet.

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Pet Policies to Understand When Booking Pet-Friendly Hotels

When staying in hotels with your furry friend, it’s essential to understand their pet policy before booking. Policies can vary widely between properties, so you’ll want to find one that aligns with your needs.

Fees and Charges

Many pet-friendly hotels will charge an additional non-refundable fee for your pet. Fees typically range from $25 to $100 per stay, but some properties charge per night. Extra charges may also apply for additional pets. Make sure you understand all fees upfront to avoid surprises at checkout.

Size and Breed Restrictions

Some hotels may restrict the size, breed, or number of pets allowed. For example, a hotel may only allow dogs under a certain weight, ban certain breeds considered “aggressive,” or limit guests to two pets per room. Check the hotel’s website for restrictions to ensure your pet is allowed.

Areas where Pets Are Allowed

Pet policies vary among hotels, with most allowing pets in guest rooms but restricting access to public areas. Some hotels are entirely pet-free except for rooms. Choose based on desired pet access.

The key to a smooth stay is finding a hotel with a pet policy you fully understand and are comfortable with. Once you arrive, always keep your pet with you or crated, pick up after them, and follow any additional noise, mess, and damage rules. Respecting the hotel’s policy and being a responsible pet owner will ensure you and your pet are welcome back for another stay.

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