Jet2holidays: Ditch the Tourist Traps, Live Like a Local

You’ve seen the sights, snapped the selfies, and collected the tchotchkes. Congrats, tourist, you’ve officially checked the boxes. But now it’s time to peel back the plastic wrapping on this destination and get to the good stuff inside. We’re talking about real experiences to dive right into the local lifestyle like a cannonball into the community pool. Jet2holidays is here to be your guide, your partner, your main squeeze, taking you by the hand and whispering all the insider secrets in your ear. Through cooking classes, cultural tours, homestays, and more, you’ll bypass the tourist traps and start living like a local. So toss the guidebooks, leave the maps behind, and let your authentic travel story unfold. This isn’t your grandma’s vacation anymore.

Immerse Yourself in the Destination With Jet2holidays

Jet2holidays knows you didn’t book that getaway to be herded around with the rest of the tourists. You came to actually experience the culture, not just take selfies in front of the landmarks. That’s why they offer authentic immersion tours that let you dive right into the local lifestyle.

Learn regional recipes from home cooks.

Take a cooking class in someone’s home kitchen and learn to make paella, pasta, or tapas from lifelong locals. By the end of the lesson, you’ll be chatting with new friends over a meal you helped prepare. Buen provecho!

Explore hidden gems with a local guide.

Let an in-the-know guide lead you on a customized tour away from the crowds. They’ll take you to their favorite cafes, shops, and scenic spots most visitors never discover. You’ll gain insight into the daily rhythms of life in your destination and return home feeling like you’ve truly lived like a local, if only for a day.

Stay in a family-run inn or B&B.

There’s no better way to immerse yourself in local life than staying at a family-run accommodation. Your hosts will welcome you like old friends and happily share recommendations to help you discover the region’s charms. And at the end of a satisfying day exploring, you’ll return to a homey place that feels worlds away from an impersonal chain hotel.

With Jet2holidays’ immersive experiences, you can bypass the tourist traps and dive right into living like an insider. Now that’s an authentic getaway to remember!

Amalfi Coast cooking class | Positano Furore

Jet2holidays’ Top 5 Authentic Experiences

Learn to Cook Like a Local

Forget the tourist trap restaurants. Sign up for a cooking class and learn how to make authentic paella, tapas, or pasta from real locals. You’ll get recipes and techniques to impress friends back home, and possibly a bottle of wine or two to aid in your culinary adventures. After all, no cultural immersion is complete without indulging in the local liquors. Salud!

Take a Cultural Walking Tour

Walking tours are a great way to explore a city’s hidden gems with an expert guide. On Jet2holidays’ curated tours, you’ll follow enthusiastic locals through colorful neighborhoods and stumble upon street art, historic sites, and hole-in-the-wall eateries you’d never discover on your own. You might even pick up some colorful local slang to casually drop into conversations upon your return.

Stay in a Homestay

If you want to live like a local, ditch the hotel and stay in someone’s home. On a Jet2holidays homestay, your hosts will welcome you like family, cook you traditional meals, and share insider knowledge about their city or village. You’ll form connections and memories that last long after the trip ends. Just be prepared to reciprocate when they inevitably visit you in return!

Take a Local Festival or Event Tour

There’s no better way to immerse yourself in a culture than by joining in the celebrations. Jet2holidays offers tours timed with major local festivals, so you can share in the music, food, dance, and merriment alongside locals and truly become one with the community, if only for a day or two.

Learn a New Skill

Immerse yourself in local culture by learning a new skill, like dancing the flamenco in Spain, crafting leather goods in Morocco, or playing the didgeridoo in Australia. Jet2holidays partners with local artisans and experts to provide authentic workshops in destinations around the globe. You’ll forge cherished memories through hands-on experiences that connect you to ancient traditions in an intimate, meaningful way.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Jet2holidays’ Local Immersion Offerings

Do I have to speak the local language?

Nope, we’ve got you covered. Our experiences are designed for English speakers and led by fluent English guides. While attempting to order tapas or navigate Venice’s canals in broken Italian or Spanish may seem charmingly authentic, for the sake of actually learning something, stick with the experts.

Are the experiences local?

Yes, we work with locally-run organizations, not big impersonal tour operators. Our guides are passionate locals who want to share the real culture and lifestyle of their hometown with you. They’ll take you to their favorite spots around town, not just the major landmarks. You’ll get an inside look at daily life and truly live like a local.

Do I have to give up my hotel room?

If sleeping on a stranger’s couch or in a monastery cell isn’t your thing, don’t worry. While we do offer multi-day immersive homestays for the ultra-adventurous, most of our experiences are day tours, workshops, or activities that allow you to enjoy local culture by day, and then return to the familiarity of your hotel room by night. Think of these experiences as a chance to dive in, get your feet wet in the local way of life, and then come back up for air.

What if I don’t like it?

We get it, immersing yourself in a foreign culture can be intimidating. But that’s why our experiences are designed to gently ease you in. Our guides will make you feel comfortable, answer all your questions, and help you appreciate the local lifestyle at your own pace. However, if at any time you feel out of your depth, just let your guide know you’d like to end the experience early. Your enjoyment and comfort are our top priorities. We want travel to be an adventure, not an endurance test!

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