Etihad Airways: Connecting the World Through Air Cargo

As a leader in air cargo, you understand the importance of partnering with an airline that provides efficient, reliable delivery of goods across continents. With a modern fleet, specialised facilities, and innovative technology, Etihad Cargo connects the world through air freight while ensuring the care and attention needed to maintain product quality across global supply chains. Discover how this award-winning airline is driving the future of air logistics through strategic investments and customer-focused solutions tailored to the unique needs of your business. Etihad Cargo’s capabilities empower companies like yours to trade globally, leveraging an extensive network to new markets in Europe, Asia, the Americas and beyond.

Etihad Cargo: A Global Leader in Air Freight

Specialized Solutions for Every Need

Etihad Cargo provides customised solutions for transporting a cargo of any type. With a dedicated fleet of freighter aircraft and belly-hold cargo capacity on Etihad Airways passenger aircraft, Etihad Cargo has the means to ship everything from letters and parcels to livestock, perishables, vehicles, and heavy and outsized cargo across its network spanning six continents.

Focus on Care and Efficiency

Etihad Cargo’s top priority is ensuring that customers’ cargo arrives on time and in pristine condition. With handling facilities at Abu Dhabi International Airport and several outstations, Etihad Cargo has invested heavily in infrastructure, equipment, and technology to achieve the highest levels of efficiency while maintaining the utmost care at every point of the journey.

Connecting Global Trade Centres

With Etihad Cargo’s hub at Abu Dhabi International Airport and a route network reaching key gateways in Europe, Asia, Australia, Africa, and the Americas, businesses have fast, direct access to many of the world’s most important trade centres. Etihad Cargo provides effective solutions for moving cargo between major trade lanes in the Middle East, Africa, Asia, Europe, and The Americas.

Innovative Digital Services

Etihad Cargo offers innovative online tools and mobile services to simplify the shipping process. Customers benefit from convenient features like booking and tracking shipments, generating air waybills, and requesting pickups through a range of digital channels. These services demonstrate Etihad Cargo’s commitment to making shipping as easy as possible for customers through continuous innovation.

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Specialised Solutions for Every Shipment

Perishable Cargo

Etihad Cargo offers temperature-controlled solutions for transporting perishable goods like fresh produce, seafood, meats, pharmaceuticals and flowers. Their fleet includes refrigerated trucks as well as cooling facilities to carefully monitor temperatures during transit and ensure goods are delivered in optimal condition.

Heavy and Oversized Cargo

For large shipments that require special handling, Etihad Cargo offers solutions to transport heavy and oversized cargo like industrial machinery, aircraft parts, vehicles, and construction equipment. They own specialized loading equipment and have years of experience shipping heavy and awkward-sized cargo to destinations worldwide.

Secure and Valuable Cargo

Etihad Cargo also provides secure transportation for high-value goods such as precious metals, currency, gems, art and antiques. Using armored and guarded vehicles with GPS tracking, secure cargo facilities, and strictly regulated handling procedures, they can ensure maximum safety for valuable and sensitive shipments from origin to destination.

Express Deliveries

For time-sensitive shipments, Etihad Cargo offers express delivery services to major destinations across its network. With expedited handling and fast transit times, their express delivery solutions are ideal for documents, samples, spare parts, or any cargo that requires urgent delivery. Real-time tracking also provides customers visibility and peace of mind that their shipment will arrive on schedule.

With decades of experience and a dedication to innovation, Etihad Cargo continues to provide fast, secure, and customized shipping solutions for businesses across the globe. Their diverse range of cargo services connects companies to new markets and customers, facilitating trade and economic partnerships between regions.

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The Etihad Cargo Fleet: Custom-Designed for Maximum Efficiency

Etihad Cargo operates a fleet of over 70 aircraft dedicated to transporting goods globally. The fleet includes Boeing 777 and 787 freighter aircraft, as well as belly-hold cargo capacity on Etihad Airways passenger aircraft.

Boeing 777 Freighters

Etihad Cargo’s Boeing 777 freighters have a payload capacity of over 100 tonnes, allowing for the transportation of high-density cargo like electronics, machinery and perishables. The 777s service major trade routes between the Middle East, Europe, Asia Pacific and North America. Thanks to their long-range capabilities, the 777 freighters can fly up to 9,000 kilometres non-stop while maintaining stable temperatures in their cargo holds.

Boeing 787 Freighters

The Boeing 787 freighters deliver over 50 tonnes of cargo capacity and are ideally suited for medium-haul routes. Their composite materials and advanced engines provide significant environmental benefits like less noise and lower emissions. The 787s service destinations across the Middle East, Africa, Asia and Europe.

Bellyhold Cargo

In addition to dedicated freighters, Etihad Cargo leverages belly-hold cargo capacity on Etihad Airways’ Boeing 777 and 787 passenger aircraft. Carrying goods in the lower deck of passenger aircraft provides an economical solution for customers shipping medium volumes of cargo. Bellyhold cargo still receives the same high standards of handling as freighter aircraft and serves many of the same global destinations.

Through its diverse fleet, Etihad Cargo can match capacity with customer demand on routes worldwide while maintaining the highest levels of efficiency and sustainability. The fleet provides an array of options to suit any cargo shipping needs. Etihad Cargo stands committed to expanding connections between markets and facilitating global commerce.

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